Zeroo Galaxy Soccer Ball FIFA Approved Bonding No 5

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 Zeroo Galaxy FIFA Soccer Ball 5 Number Approved Bonding
- Ball size: 5 No. (12 years and over)
- Surface: PU leather, latex inner tube
- Weight: 428 g
- Application areas: Suitable for use on any floor
- Federation of approval: Yes (FIFA)
- Other features: Bonding, 32 piece, white-blue-red color football.
- Purchase of Valve balls with petroleum jelly can get slippery and not necessarily inflate the ball using the needle.
- Ball Do waited for 24 hours without the use of inflated condition.
- Valve in the needle penetration or balls can be returned within 24 hours.
- Valve shear strain results from the use of the needle, the ball falling into the ball in such cases is not possible to exchange or refund.

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